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Pourya Ershadinia, Expert of Motion Graphic and Entrepreneur in Advertising and Digital Marketing, From the beginning of my adolescence, I have begun my work with the strong encouragement of raising the level of quality of marketing and modern advertising and so far I've been able to be honored in many scientific contests and projects.

My heart belief is that I am one of the most distinct creations of God, because in the grace of God I was born in a highly educated family and for thanks of this blessing I am obliged to grow up and serve my fellow men.

I've put learning and skill improvement into my daily schedule and so I'm serving my updated knowledge as a teacher and counselor.

Now, The main focus of my servant is using modern motion graphic in advertising

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Graphic Design

Web Design

Creative Idea

Adobe after effects

Adobe photoshop

Adobe illustrator

Adobe premiere

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Arpamed Co

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Sim pay

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